Art by recycling items from vehicles, which would otherwise go to waste, using magnetism to hold them in place. Designed & Made in Belfast ©️

Things I Can Do

Create art using waste metal with the addition of environmentally friendly magnets, recycled materials, harmless paints and sometimes electricity and lighting. More creative designs to come. We are always creating in our heads, we just need to make it real. I can make you a piece of art from your car or someone else’s car as a memory and keep sake, such as... - A framed piece - Stand alone piece - Jewellery

A Few Accomplishments

See some pieces on my social media sites. (Press menu button, top right 👆). Please email and give me some information on what design or piece you’d like created as I make them personal to you, or another person you have in mind and even by theme. No piece will be exactly the same.